Meet the Chapter

In 2014 members relocated chapter operations of Gamma-Gamma Zeta to the historic Tudor house on the corner of Clifton and Joselin Avenue, with the official address of 2357 Wheeler St, Cincinnati, OH, 45219. The prominent location of the current house, neighboring Chi Omega and Kappa-Kappa Gamma sororities and directly across Clifton Avenue from McMicken College, has been ideal in hosting many chapter functions at the location. Currently, the chapter nears completion of the first of three phases in a self-initiated revitalization effort, to return themselves and the Greek community as a whole back to a prominent force within UC’s student life. The chapter boasts a strong undergraduate officer corps, consistently excellent individual and cumulative GPAs, well-organized and promoted philanthropy events, and is in excellent financial shape. We believe in a strong brotherhood and make sure everyone feels like they are part of another family here at Lambda Chi Alpha. Many alumni have stepped up to serve as chapter advisors for the Alumni Advisory Board, or as officers for the Gamma-Gamma Properties housing corporation.