Brothers, we welcome you to take an active role in your alumni experience! Here you will find information for our official Gamma Gamma Zeta Alumni Association, the Alumni Advisory Board, and Gamma Gamma Properties (housing corporation). Additionally, you will find the link to the Cincinnati Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Facebook group for all GGZ and other local alumni, as well as the latest digital copy of the Gamma Gammian.

Gamma Gamma Zeta Alumni Association

This is a monthly meeting of alumni brothers to meet and discuss Alumni Advisory Board and Housing Corporation topics, reconnect with alumni brothers, and provide support for Gamma Gamma Zeta’s undergraduate chapter.
Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 pm at Listermann Brewery. We have reserved a space for each meeting. If you have not been there before, it is a great space with parking in back, an excellent tapas menu, and plenty of great beers on tap. Hopefully, this is a good central location for everyone who wishes to come. For more information about the alumni association, please reach out to Steve Alexander (president) at

Alumni Advisory Board

The main role of an AAB member will be to partner with an officer of the active chapter and consult with them regularly on meeting their semester goals, managing tasks/committees, and staying accountable. If you would like to be a part of our alumni board, please reach out to Steve Alexander at
Current Members:

Steve Alexander

John Tunningly

Zach Morris

Andrew Mehas

Nick Stevens

Dan Kubick

Sebastian Torres

James Weaver

John Fox

Housing Corporation

Gamma Gamma Properties is the designated body of brothers who are responsible for maintaining and securing housing for the active chapter, as well as future housing efforts. Currently, the chapter resides at 2357 Wheeler St, Cincinnati, OH, 45219. Please contact Bill Harr (president) at if you have an interest in joining or assisting the chapter in housing efforts.
Current Members
Bill Harr
Rob Gehrum
Bill Harrington

Link to the Cincinnati Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Facebook Page:

Digital copy of the Gamma Gammian: