2018-19 Academic Year In Review

A big big thank you!

As the 2018-2019 school year has drawn to a close, it is first and foremost important to recognize and thank the following brothers for their incredible work and service towards our chapter:

Alumni Advisory Board Members: Andrew Mehas, Bill Harrington, John Fox, Dan Kubick, John Tunningly, Sebastian Torres, Scott Smith, and James Weaver

Each of the above brothers has taken time out of their busy lives to partner with and mentor officers in the chapter. From providing advice on duties and operations, to helping accomplish tasks that keep the chapter running, the chapter is extremely grateful for their service and support.

Housing Corporation: Bill Harr, Bill Harrington, and Rob Gehrum

A call was put out to alumni to help create a housing corporation for the active chapter to operate with. Having a housing corporation is essential to the chapter being in compliance with IHQ and insurance requirements, and the brothers above responded in exemplary fashion to help form Gamma Gamma Properties.

IHQ Staff: Jayme Little, Lynn Chipperfield, Walker Rose (ELC), and Trevor Nicholas (ELC)

IHQ staff have been instrumental in providing resources and guidance to the alumni advisors and the active chapter, and we greatly appreciate the time and effort they have taken in this past year to help the Cincinnati chapter be successful.

A letter from the High Alpha

Dear Brothers, 

I would first off like to introduce myself, my name is Zach Morris and I am going into my fourth year at the University of Cincinnati, pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry.  I am from the small suburban city of Berea, just outside of Cleveland. I came to Lambda Chi Alpha with a passion for service and a close brotherhood, and I can say that I have received these two merits in ten-fold.  The brothers, new and old, have made this fraternity what it is today, and I am proud to enter into this position with high hopes for our future. For the previous two years, I held the position of High Theta and thus I am a big supporter of service to others.  A driving force behind my passion for service is in making our brothers greater men for our society.  

This past year, we welcomed twelve new brothers into the bond, seven in the fall and five in the spring.  We had eleven brothers graduate to alumni status; I would like to thank those members especially, for their part in teaching us what it is to be true brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. The chapter now stands at twenty-two members, and is on an upward trend, with focused revitalization efforts.  Along with our movement to a greater bond, we also find ourselves on a high note academically. As a chapter, we have a GPA of 3.27 for the fall semester, and 3.121 for the spring. This gave us a ranking of 7th(fall) and 13th(spring) overall in Greek life, higher than both the IFC average and all men’s average on campus. Both of these spots are among the top third of Greek life, giving us something to be quite proud of. Another positive outcome of this past academic year was our visits from our two Educational Leadership Consultants.  Both Trevor Nichols and Walker Rose gave us excellent advice for continued development and making big strides as a chapter. They both saw the new and revitalized passion for brotherhood from the chapter as well as our love for service. They also gave us key tools and ideas to move forward with, especially with recruitment. If we take these strategies and use them in the coming years, we will reach our goal of where we want to be as a chapter.  

For the future, we are looking to improve recruitment as the main focus.  We have had recruitment seminars held by International Headquarters and alumni of our great chapter.  With our centennial coming up this fall, membership is of critical importance, as we want to be on campus for another one hundred years.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to join with us as we bring potential new members around. As an undergraduate chapter, we simply would not be the chapter we are today without our past brothers. We always seek brotherhood and support, whether it be a conversation over a meal, a letter, presence at chapter events, or even visits to the undergraduate chapter house. With the summer coming as a break from the academic activities, we are working hard now to make this upcoming year one to not forget.  We are here to develop greater men as leaders for the world, while building a lasting brotherhood. Join us as we continue our efforts, and seek ever greater success this upcoming year.  

In ZAX, 

Zachary Morris, Gamma Gamma 1552   

Newly Initiated Brothers

Congratulations to all of our newly initiated brothers of the 2018-2019 school year! The newly initiated brothers are as follows:

Alex Campbell- Sophomore in Electrical Engineering from West Chester, Ohio: ΓΓ 1562

Cameron Corbin – Pre-Junior in Civil Engineering from Columbus, Indiana: ΓΓ 1563

Jake Feeney – Sophomore in Business Administration from Cincinnati, Ohio: ΓΓ 1564

Rob Hands – Sophomore in Architectural Design from Cincinnati, Ohio: ΓΓ 1565

Anthony Napolitano – Sophomore in Electrical Engineering from West Chester, Ohio: ΓΓ 1566

Nathan Sheeler – Sophomore in Statistics from Cincinnati, Ohio: ΓΓ 1567

Matt Truesdell – Senior in Medical Laboratory Science from Loveland, Ohio: ΓΓ 1568

Alex Hilsinger – Junior in Business Administration from Cincinnati, Ohio: ΓΓ 1569

Tyler McCune – Sophomore in Exploratory from Athens, Ohio: ΓΓ 1570

Sam McCorkle – Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering from Loveland, Ohio: ΓΓ 1571

Zane Stant – Sophomore in Political Science from Circleville, Ohio: ΓΓ 1572

If you as an alumni are aware of men of excellent character attending The University of Cincinnati in the  2019-2020 year, please reach out to the High Delta, Alex Campbell at ( 

2018-2019 Community Engagement

Community service is a passion for all members of the chapter. We have found great success with events like Watermelon Bash and Teeter-Totter-Thon and ongoing volunteering at Freestore Foodbank. 

With all the opportunities that are given to us through our chapter, we can say that we have made a giant impact in our community. In the 2018-2019 academic year, we had an average of 25 service hours per brother, totaling over 650 hours of giving back to our community. Additionally, we were able to raise over $2,500 and donate close to 6,000 pounds of food to those in need with help from Freestore Foodbank. These numbers are also increasing every year, where these totals doubled what we collected in the 2017-2018 academic year. The bar is always being raised and will continue to do so until there is no longer hunger in the community. We strive to be the best men we can be for the community and to continue this success in the coming year.

2019: A Busy Summer “Break”

What’s Happening:

Website Revitalization: The chapter website is undergoing a revitalization and will contain continually updated information about the chapter and its officers, recruitment efforts, a section for parents and potential new members, a history of the organization, links to social media, and a gallery of current and historical photos.

Stead Leadership Seminar: In August, Gamma Gamma will be sending member Rob Hands and High Beta Brendan Ryan to Stead 2019. During the seminar, our members will have the opportunity to network with other undergraduates, alumni, and IHQ staff, learn powerful leadership methods and tools, see ritual performed by IRT, and bring back knowledge that can help benefit both them and the chapter.

Monthly Alumni Meetings: The Alumni Advisory Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm, at Mecklenburg Gardens. The AAB discusses how officer performance is doing and helps guide the chapter in its success. In addition, we also welcome and encourage alumni to attend to reconnect with brothers, hear how the chapter is doing, and stay involved. Come join us for a great evening with your brothers!

Centennial Celebration: The 100th year of Gamma Gamma Zeta is certainly something to be proud of. All of us have taken a part in shaping the chapter, just as the organization has helped to shape us. On October 18th, the Centennial Celebration Committee will be hosting a gala at The Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel. The chapter will be hosting the Fall Associate Member Ceremony and a tailgate/BBQ on October 19th, before the UC football game against Tulsa.

Reconnect, Get Involved

Gamma Gamma Zeta is still looking to further furnish our chapter house, in order to make our house a home and welcoming environment for actives, alumni, and guests. If you would like to donate historical items related to Gamma Gamma Zeta or furnishings, please contact Zach Morris ( or Steve Alexander ( 

Get involved with AAB: Contact the High Pi if you are interested in volunteering for an advisory board position, provide ideas, speak to the active chapter, or just simply reconnect with your brothers. We welcome and encourage involvement at any level!


High Pi:
Steve Alexander (419) 560-4478

High Alpha:
Zach Morris (440) 829-4873

High Rho:
Rob O’Brien (860) 882-3501